GA Friendly day at Bournemouth

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GA Friendly day at Bournemouth

Post by Jon on Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:13 pm

Found on another forum, added to the calendar ....

Had a nice surprise this morning whilst attending Bournemouth's "Aerodrome Safety Forum".
They announced that they intended to host a type of 'GA Friendly Day' . (I know. I know. Some of you are thinking "Bournemouth? Friendly?  Shocked - But they really are :thumright: )

So the date for your diaries, iPads, Nexuseses, filofaxeses, fridge noteboards..... 28th September 2014

The initial chat is that there'll be a £5 landing fee for the smaller beasts (say <2000kg) and increments up to about £10 for a twin.. So not even my mate from Yorkshire, Grumpy Yorkie no less, should balk at that 😉

They plan to provide cake!!! and maybe even burgers n' stuff.
The various companies on the airfield (sorry Aerodrome) seem to opening their doors so that the fly in folk can take a look around etc (Bournemouth Handling, The tower, Airtime, Citation Centre so on and so forth).

Yes ..... You will have to PPR ....... AND Hi-Viz is required (at least, 1 Hi-Viz wearer to accompany 4 persons)

There will be more information published shortly describing the booking process and even (I'm told) a poster!! Hang the expense eh?
They are wanting loads of you to come, a 100+ can be easily accomplished.

Personally, I'd like the whole event to be oversubscribed, as it will perhaps help to illustrate to Manchester Airport Group (Bournemouth's bosses) that the lowish GA usage of the airfield and lack of visitors, is primarily the result of high landing fees, which could/possibly/maybe be used as an argument
for reducing the fees.

I have ideas to encourage more people, but so far my suggestion to hold a contest as to who can polish my aeroplane the bestest, has been frowned on  :?  Sad


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